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After obtaining my CPA license in 1980 the purchase of a CPA firm soon followed. After owning it for 20+ years, I sold my 50% interest in the firm a few years back. It had become the 13th largest CPA firm in the Seattle Area. I still work with the firm currently on various joint projects.

My accounting work through the years includes providing traditional accounting services to a wide variety of companies - from the very small to companies with revenues in excess of 60 million per year - and that was when 60 million meant something! Several of the small companies were later purchased by public companies - all during my engagement with them.
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Joe Poff

Early on, it was apparent how computers, word processing and then databases would integrate into the accounting functions. It was at this time that I started working with accounting systems and networks - which included DOS, Unix and Novell among others. Even then I was writing my own custom programs.

After integrating computers into my own accounting firm, which involved setting up a lot of systems and processes, I turned to designing, installing and customizing computerized accounting systems for clients - and other CPA firms - something I am still presently doing.

These large systems typically are running off a Microsoft SQL server and often involve the need for some very creative processes to integrate different systems or meet complex special needs of the client.

Several years ago I was given an award for "Most Innovative user of technology for the year" from the Washington Society of CPA's (WSCPA) (state society) and for the nation from the American Institute of CPA's (AICPA). The award was for my application and development of computer processes solving certain business needs.

Presently, I continue to do as I always have - solving complex problems and continuing innovation with clients and with personal projects.

As a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, I also hold the additional title of CGMA or Chartered Global Management Accountant as well as CITP or Certified Information Technology Professional. Both are additional sought after credentials given to qualified CPA's.

I've obtained several trademarks for some of my consumer/commercial projects at and have a patent pending for a financial strategy game I developed and recently launched - .

I've also recently started a series of Financial books - Financial Latte. You can find a listing of these and where they are available from

Please contact me if you need further information or have a project needing assistance.
Joe Poff receiving award from AICPA
Receiving award from AICPA
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